Compulsory Registration

It is now compulsory for everyone to obtain a marriage certificate and it is compulsory for all the newlyweds to apply for the same within 60 days of solemnization of their marriage.

Addition of Spouse Name to Passport

Any addition of Spouse (Husband / Wife) name to Passport now requires a mandatory production of Marriage Certificate.

Visa Application

Any application for spouse visa based on employment mandatorily requires a Marriage Certificate. Please check the type of visa and requirement of Marriage Certificate in the drop box below.

Proof of Marriage

Marriage Certificate is the acceptable legal proof of a marriage recognized by the Courts in India and Abroad.

Claiming of Bank Deposits / Life Insurance / Mutual Funds

Marriage Certificate would now be compulsorily required to be presented, while claiming of Bank Deposits, Life Insurance Proceeds, Mutual Funds etc. in case of the death of the spouse.

Probation of Will

Marriage Certificate is the most important and vital piece of document which is required to file your claims to the wealth and property of your deceased spouse. It is also required to complete the probation of their will executed by them before their death.

Future Disputes

Marriage Certificate provides protection against false denial of marriage by either of the spouses. Marriage Certificate clarifies doubts on date and validity of the marriage in unhappy circumstances of disputes (whether civil or criminal) between the spouses relating to divorce, dowry, maintenance and other cases.

NRI Disputes

Marriage Certificate provides strong protection against false denial of marriage, abandonment by husband and cruel and ill treatment in foreign land. Possession of a Marriage Certificate provides adequate grounds to proceed legally against husbands who was already married or who later got married to someone else after marrying you.

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